By dtourstravel_admin,


For all you bonnie lads and lasses, when you’re planning your visit to the Scottish Highlands, it’s very easy to time your visit to coincide with one of the numerous Highland Games held throughout the country during the warm weather. In a tradition dating back to the 11th c, you’ll see brawny (and I mean Brawny) men in kilts and t-shirts compete in feats of strength.  The Scottish Hammer Throw requires tossing a very Heavy Hammer up over a high bar.  A Stone Put tests how far you can throw…you guessed it…a stone.  Tossing other heavy items in the air also makes up part of the competition.  Foot races intersperse the heavy object throwing, with Long Distance races, Short Distance Races, and Intermediate Distance Races.  But…everyone’s favorite contest is the Caber Toss.  Picture a long telephone pole.  Picture a very substantial guy in a kilt, picking up the Caber by one end, grunting while he struggles. He will somehow manage to hoist the thing up in the air by himself and then throw it forward, end to end, as far as he can.  The idea is to heave the Caber as far as possible, keeping it close to the 12 o’clock position.  Must be seen to be believed…  On the sidelines, young girls and boys compete in Highland Dancing while Bagpipers periodically appear to challenge each other.  It’s a great day out!