British Heritage Motor Centre

By dtourstravel_admin,


Maybe you think you’re not interested in cars? (Me)  Why would you visit something called the British Heritage Motor Centre? (I loved it.)

Drawing on England’s historic car center near Coventry, think LandRover, Jaguar, and Astin-Martin.  Gleaming showcase cars sit waiting for you to ooh and aah. I loved the little red MG that looked just like the one my Dad used to drive.  Channel your inner James Bond because his little sportscars show up here, as do space vehicles from famous movies and a car that hacked its way through the Venezuela jungle when there WERE no roads.  Best of all, is the nearby LandRover test track.  Sign up for a test drive with a professional driver (or do it yourself) through a challenging landscape without roads.  You’ll find out what LandRovers are really meant to do as your vehicle climbs dirt tracks, traverses muddy pools, tips over to 45° and grinds through mire and muck.  Fun!  You might just want to reevaluate exactly why you’re driving that SUV on the roads of Westchester County afterwards.