The Singing Christmas Tree

By dtourstravel_admin,


Can a Christmas Tree sing?  Well, yes, under the right circumstances.  Picture a very large tiered “riser” that measures about 2 stories high, shaped like, well… a Christmas Tree.  It’s painted green and it stands in a large plaza in a northern European city, a cold city, a city in Switzerland.  Add some December temperatures, some good cheer, onlookers with steaming mugs in their hands.  Decorate the Stand with about 30-40 ten-year-olds, arranged in rows from bottom to top, all dressed in green parkas with red scarves.  Install a good-natured adult musical director at the bottom to keep things on track.  Stand by and listen as those charming kids sing out — with gusto — your favorite Christmas Carols and holiday songs.  I loved the version of “Let It Snow. Let It Snow. Let It snow.”  The words were sung mostly in German, except for that easy refrain: Let It Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! In English.  Said Christmas Tree is to be found in Zurich, every year.  Pretty darn enchanting…